04.01.2002 |  razorshark
{in eigener Sache} brandnew razorshark

04.01.2002 |  razorshark
80s as can be - and I love it! digitank3001

03.31.2002 |  Lars
BeMyBaby has been updated for easter and is stuffed with traced graphics.

03.31.2002 |  Lars
Direct link to the 9elements Flash3Dengine and another piece of tricky coding by the 9ers here.

03.30.2002 |  Lars
The "all-design-news-you-ever-wanted" newsportal Stereotypography comes with a new fresh blue look.

03.29.2002 |  Lars
FORK UNSTABLE MEDIA comes with a new site.

03.26.2002 |  razorshark
Fresh portfolio: Ralf Hiemisch

03.26.2002 |  Lars
Make you love eternal at LollekundBollek.de.

03.25.2002 |  Lars
Deformat is featured in the all japanese "Web Layout Style Book", published by MdN. Thanks.

03.22.2002 |  Lars
Our buddies at 9elements have set up a cute open sourced 3D engine for FlashMX. Maybe you have use for it.

03.22.2002 |  Lars
Wipeout Fusion Festival Mar. 23. 2002 Duisburg [GER] / Landschaftspark Nord.
VLIGHT.TO vs Ken Ishi, Dave Angel, Toc Toc, Terrence Fixmer and Turntable Rocker.

03.18.2002 |  Stampete
Lars F. Herzog - Freie und kommerzielle Gestaltung Really cool works... Check out "freie Arbeiten"!!! >>>gogogo

03.18.2002 |  +49
back from my holiday. Here something with style. 4MATION

03.17.2002 |  razorshark
cool animation on Rubin

03.17.2002 |  razorshark
Torsten [from DMIG and ps4u] has launched his minifolio.