January 2003: Plankalkul V4 leaves the state of kitchen table development.


Plankalkul V4 CNC parts.


V4 parts: We love that kind of stuff!


Christian welding TIG.


Finally: V4 becomes reality.


This is how everything has started in January 2001: Plankalkül V0.1, a prototype made from Fischertechnik with adjustable chassis geometry. Made for pushing it over my kitchen floor. Hmmm, could it work?


February 2001: Plankalkül V0.9, the first rideable model. Still with adjustable chassis geometry. Yeah, it worked! The front wheel is a castor for furniture. The joystick is made from a pole for land surveying. :-)


A jump from the curbstone brought a sad ending to Plankalkül V0.9. :-(


After some days of mourning the planning phase for Plankalkül V2 starts.


An early version of Plankalkül V2 with improved chassis geometry and board suspension!


I always payed attention to my mascots when i welded something.


That's how my kitchen looked afterwards.